Elizabeth  Williams
Elizabeth Williams - Folk Artist

Finally updating. I'm having show at Odonata Wines, Santa Cruz, CA for month of December, 2015.

Folk art cut-outs of whales, angels and horses. Older work from 2010 2014 too. My work is quirky, and emotional.

"Elizabeth Williams' restless energy is reflected in both her character and her work. Williams creates dreamlike, highly personal imagery in a variety of media, including mixed media constructions, prints, and paintings on canvas, board, and paper. This wide range of techniques shows her willingness and desire to experiment. Her style is illustrative, graphic, and full of color, similar in some ways to children's illustrations, but a bit spookier. Bears, horses, cats, birds, and anthropomorphic figures permeate her work. Her images are emotive, imaginative expressions of her dreams and fantasies. Like dreams, they evoke a sense of a subconscious inner meaning. Some are playful and liberating, and some are mysterious and frightening. Her portrayal of animal forms and anthropomorphic beings has a totemic quality that hints at the emotional connections between mankind and nature"

Quote from Marcello Siera of Artists.com: