Elizabeth  Williams

Elizabeth Williams
Folk Artist
June 2021

Dolls, people, animals, assemblage, collage, gouache painting and cut-outs are what interests me at the moment. I float from work station to work station, cutting wood with a jig saw, gluing found objets together, painting a Sheila-Na-Gig, dipping things in glue and sawdust, making hands out of Fimo, heads from corks, dangly legs, and moving eyes. I glue "rescued" wood together with biscuits and cut out a Man. Three old fence boards to make a Lady Colossus, Cyndi's old shelves to make a bird woman. I have projects galore and follow my whims. I have supplies, room to work and time! I am turning my back yard into a folk artist paradise. My mom took me to see Romano Gabriels house and garden in Eureka, CA in 1974. My heart spun like a whirly-gig! He used fruit and veg packing crates and paint to make a garden of wooden flowers! I have become sufficiently free of mind to have that kind of fun now!